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Our Product Offerings

Web based ERPs for function-specific requirements with no software installation
A User friendly information system packed with all features.
Features include:
  • Student Fees Management
  • Home work document
  • Exam marks management
  • Library management
  • Transport management
  • Dormitory management
  • Daily attendance management

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Managing society affairs is now easy. All information and historical details of society is now easily available to all members of the society.
Features include:
  • Secret Voting ballot system
  • Society Accounts Management
  • Parking management
  • Visitor and Staff Attendance Tracker
  • Society Document management
  • Maintenance Contract management
  • Asset and Inventory tracker management
  • Meetings Scheduler
  • Issue & Complaints Tracker

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From purchase of raw material to manufacturing to sales executive booking and vendor booking to delivery and logistics, all within one system.
Features include:
  • Both Vendor based and customer based distribution
  • Barcode generation for easy scanning of finished goods.
  • Role based access - purchase manager, warehouse manager, sales executive, supply chain manager
  • Daily tracking of purchase, consumption of raw materials, generation of finished goods, inventory stock at factories and warehouse and in-transit finished goods.
  • Easy vendor management, sales territory management
  • Quick report generation of sales territory performance, vendor performance, sales manager performance
  • Lead tracking, customer management, Appointment tracker
  • Digital product presentation creator: Display of product slides by sales representative digitally and take feedback at the end of the presentation.

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It helps you keep records of your members and their memberships, and allows easy communication between you and your members. Gym Management system is also feature-packed, helping you in the management and growth of your club.
Features include:
  • member tracking
  • payment gateway integration - quick renewal of membership from credit/debit cards
  • Member plan expiration and accounts status.
  • Individual member login, profile management
  • Social club activity and announcement page
  • Member daily exercise input tracking, daily activity tracking
  • Admin- Create activity centers, type of exercises, etc.
  • Usage activity graph, member- activity points, contests, etc.
  • Admin promo codes for discount couponing.

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It is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties viz the hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, B & B's, small hotel franchisees, clubs, hostel and apartments.
Features include:
  • Hotel Guest reservation facility
  • Booking API - integration with your existing website for booking
  • Loyalty points management
  • Alerts for housekeeping
  • Dynamic rate management - Linear/Non Linear Rates , Rates Inclusive/Exclusive Tax , Seasonal Rates
  • Staff management- profile of staff, roles, permissions, etc.
  • Receivables and payables
  • Promo code manager
  • Custom member login/register/logout page

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Features include:
  • Monitor vehicle location
  • enable passenger self-service reservation
  • Automated Fleet management
  • Customer booking website
  • Invoicing and wages management
  • Auto alerts on SMS and email- failed allocation, successful allocation, bill,
  • Driver and vehicle profile management - licenses & approvals.
  • Customer profile page, emergency numbers
  • Issue & Complaints Tracker

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Features include:
  • Indexing and unique bar-code generation.
  • Book reservation from android/ iOS by scanning barcode
  • Floor plan based display - customizable by admin
  • Shows visual plan for rack where the book is to be returned
  • Due, overdue and overdue fee, renewal fee management
  • Automated Email and SMS alerts for book reserved, due and overdue and receipt, renewal fees.
  • Employee and customer profile page
  • Social page for public interactions, upcoming book notifications.
  • Suggestions & Complaints Tracker

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Features include:
  • Multi-restaurant configuration, menu/ price configuration and create printable pages
  • Create digital text / image based menus
  • Inventory - Create Requisition, Purchase Order, Issue Voucher, Stock Management
  • Staff profile creation - head chef, chefs, waiter, cashier
  • Order processing - order placed by waiter digitally by app per table, chef views orders in queue (can input time it will take to process), waiter can convey time to wait to customer, cashier prints bill and takes cash/ credit card with suggestions.
  • Loyalty points management - create customer login, loyalty points, promo code show on loyalty points. Email vouchers
  • Payroll - Time & Attendance, Pay slips, leave management
  • Banquet - Menu creation, booking management, sample management, decoration management
  • Issue & Complaints Tracker

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Features include:
  • Employee management - Employee creation, payroll management, attendance management
  • Employee category creation - Cashier, sales manager, senior sales manager, purchase manager, clearance management, main admin
  • Purchase manager, admin can input stock details - create product page with details of jewellery piece.
  • clearance management makes the product live, generates barcode
  • Sales manager keep stock of inventory at end of day
  • senior sales manager approves stock input of inventory at start and end of day
  • Live display to customer of sample of jewellery piece: Customers can virtually wear the jewellery piece and see how it will look on them.
  • Customer relationship management - vouchers, promo offer auto mailing - based on previous purchase criteria or to all customers
  • Issue, suggestions & Complaints Tracker

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Managing society affairs is now easy. All information and historical details of society is now easily available to all members of the society.
Features include:
  • Can be used as a single system for end to end supply chain, finance, document approval, HR & MES system
  • Real time information generation and updation system
  • Parking management
  • View and update accounts receivable, payable, forecasting & planning, general ledger, inventory in one single system
  • Employee designation based access system gives rights to users based on criterias set by admin.

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We deliver the best products and services.

Services we offer

Web, Mobile & Digital Marketing : We cover all digital medium
Template based website design is a standard 5 page website that is used to communicate the basic information about your business or organisation.

The 5 pages are usually as follows:
Home | About Us | Services | Gallery | Contact.

You get to select from a range of templates and look how each of the 5 pages would look. Each template would have unique design layouts specific to that template.
This option is the most cost effective and time-saving as there is not much scope for changes except a color, images and text changes.

Scale of work included :
  • 5 page template where content, images and color scheme would be updated as per client needs.
  • A standard 4-field Contact Us form and receiving responses on email address
  • products / Services page would show product snapshots with a tagline.
  • 1 year maintenance and 1 month 3-time content update possibilities.
Optional additionally charged work possibilities :
  • Additional pages beyond the standard 5 pages - Cost per page : based on amount of work.
  • Google maps for location and other purposes.
  • Web hosting, domain registration and email addresses.
  • Login based restricted content.
A typical work under template based design would cost in the range of Rs. 9,000 - Rs. 15,000

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This goes beyond standard template based design. Here each page is customised to suit the needs of the client. Thus, each page undergoes complete design update thus taking more man hours.
The site may also include additional features that would bring dynamic content on site. Dynamic content means new content generated daily or weekly so that users of the site keep visiting websites freqently. Dynamic content could be as simple as news feeds or blogs and news articles to complex information like job marketplace.

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Sector / function specific websites have specific needs and target audience. Hence, the features to be built for these websites differ from standard business templates / ecommerce. Here, user management plays a critical role and the objective of getting traction and building upon it is focused upon. Some of the sector specific web application examples are :
  • Classifieds sites - like OLX, Quikr
  • Dating / Matrimony Site
  • Intracircle social media
  • Auto News generation website - Fetching news from various sources and displaying. / Magazine website
  • Custom T-shirt, gift printing website
  • Automotive website
  • Real Estate - Project based developer website
  • Business Listing website
  • Job Portal
  • Issue & Complaints Tracker

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With majority of interactions hapenning on mobile devices, mobile applications have become a necessity on today's age. Mobile application development at Ace Digibits takes care of major running Operating Systems (OS) i.e. Android, iOS and Windows mobile. Our cross platform app development helps in delivering quiker mobile applications and at cost effective rates.

Some salient features of our services in mobile application:
  • We develop for cross platform mobile apps i.e. we cover Android, iOS, and windows mobile.
  • We take care of end to end mobile development i.e. conceptualization, layout design, coding and app store listing.
  • Our complex apps developed till date have given us experience to handle all sorts of variations possibilities in mobile apps.
  • Our app creators can design range of apps - from static content display to dynamic user interactions based apps.

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Ecommerce applications / Content Management System developments happen from scratch. This means we build features from scratch thus making each applications unique.

Each application development requirement presents a unique challenge as each want to be differentiated from existing or potential players. As a result, from User Interface (UI) to customer interactions to after sales services, all aspects need to be custom designed to suit the needs.
Key Highlights:
  • Working E-commerce website with product data that can be customised from admin backend, email newsletters, new user registration, login, shopping cart, payment gateway integration.
  • Modification of currently built ERPs / CRMs
  • Development of custom CRMs

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In today's digital era, building a website alone doesn't suffice. The discoverability of websites presents a challenge as tons of websites go online each year. To help your site get noticed in popular search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is required as the first step.

SEO makes your website indexable in search engine database. Robots / spiders (automated scripts) that look into your website for indexing would get to know relevant phrases for which your website needs to match in their search results. Hence, it is critical to configure them.

The second part of the SEO is making sure that the links are updated in global databases and has enough backlinks. Google ranks webpages by evaluating websites based on a mathematical formula known as "PageRank" which counts the numbers and value of backlinks to a website. The greater the quality of a backlink, the higher you will rank on Google provided that all the other ranking factors are also maintained well.

insights into what we offer:
On Page Optimization Activities
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Content Optimization
  • Internal Linking structure Changes
  • URL Structure Changes
  • Site-map updating / creation
  • Keyword URL Mapping
  • Creation of Meta Information
  • Title tag (LSI Based)
  • Description tag (LSI Based)
  • Alt tags (LSI Based)
  • HTML Coding, Validation & Correction
  • H1, H2 & Strong tags
  • Canonical Issue Check
  • Error 404 page optimization
  • Xml Sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • URL Architecture
  • Google, Bing & YAHOO Site map Authentication
Off Page Optimization Activities
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Commenting
  • Posting Stories in relevant blog websites
  • Submitting Articles in relevant article websites
  • Press Releases in relevant press releases website
  • RSS feed generation and submissions
  • Review Submissions
  • Q & A Submissions
  • Video Submissions (Video Provided by Client)
  • E-Book Submissions
  • Social Networking
  • Link building

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Once a site is optimised, it needs digital marketing to bring more visitors to the site through digital channels. The digital marketing is broadly classified under 3 categories: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) , Social Media Marketing, Other sources of marketing like Email, blog channels, etc.
Below is a brief on all 3 categories:
Search Engine Marketing:
For specific keywords, companies can have a paid ads shown on search engine search results and related products. The pay-per-click (i.e. you pay if user clicks on link) campaigns would result in quicker improvement in ranking of your sites in search results. Hence, post campaigns, the site would be shown in first page instead of being buried at the end of numerious pages.
Our services under SEM:
  • Keyword research with cost optimization (Researching low cost keywords with high potential click/views)
  • Setup of google analytics to provide detailed reports on progress and effectiveness of campaign.
  • Our team writes your text ad in such a way that it lends a distinct character to your advertisement. This distinct character gives your ad an individuality of its own.
  • Our team optimizes your landing page with utmost efficiency in order to improve the conversion rates.
  • Continuous optimization of keywords and bid rates.
Social Media Marketing:
Social Media Marketing brings in a range of oppotunities and caution points.
Reasons for Social Media Marketing:
  • Lead generation: Showcasing exciting new technologies that would grip the minds of the potenital clients.
  • Brand Management: Maintaining the brand image, addressing complaints that are raised on a regular basis, showing support on social causes.
  • News mailer: Updating new & upcoming products, modification of current products, new initiatives taken at companies, etc. are some forms by which
  • To maintain traction: Engaging user base on a daily basis, helps retain brand image in the minds of current clients.
3rd category i.e. email marketing, blog, etc. is explained in the next tab.

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Email Marketing and the latest trend of whatsapp marketing helps companies reach out to a broad range of customers. Bulk marketing requires that the message is correctly designed and gives best clickability. In today's scenario where mailbox and whatsapp are flooded with messages, need to stand out is critical.
What we offer:
  • We help deliver best looking email and whatsapp templates. Each customer gets a unique campaign based template designed.
  • Our bulk delivering engines promise better delivery rates and reports of email bounces, clicked, subscribed and unsubscribed.
  • We help provide automated SMS delivery notifications and SMS campaigns
  • Automated Whatsapp marketing takes care of deliverability issues and whatsapp auto-ban on bulk messaging.
    Whatsapp messaging includes both text and image bulk messages thus giving a visual messaging apart from plain text like in case of SMS.
Visit Our Website BulkMarketer.com for more information on Bulk EMail , SMS and Whatsapp

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While most of our services include web hosting in it, if you specifically require only web hosting / server space, we do provide the same.
Following are some of the server based requirements we can cater to:
  • Server space for emails
  • Server space for websites - singular / multiple
  • Server space + Maintenance contract
  • Domain registration
  • Domain Parking
From configuration, to domain transfer to email transfer, we provide these services to enable smooth transitions between servers.

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We deliver the best products and services.
We deliver the best products and services.

Showcase - Our Recent works

Websites & App Built by us
Freshly prepared in Wordpress, millaboratories is a medical product manufacturing company.
Built in Wordpress
Features we built:
  • Tab based navigation
  • Custom product page for each of the 25+ products
  • Navigation tabs - custom coded
  • Dynamic RSS news feed fetching and display in scroller
  • Enquiry page with mail sent to admin with enquiry details
  • Custom login and register page for showing restricted content.
  • Product categorised navigation with navigable sidebar accordion menu
Link to millaboratories.in
DDNArchitects is office of architects that wanted to showcase their work.
Built in Wordpress
Features we built:
  • Full width homepage image slider
  • Categorization of project types
  • Custom image based slider pages of each project with description wherever required.
  • Contact Us page
Link to DDNArchitects.com
A site to showcase projects handled till now and a brief about the individual
Built in Wordpress
Features we built:
  • Project based easy navigation
  • Each project gets image slider - full width with a semi-transparent description link to show details of the project
  • Quick navigation between end of one project category and next project category.
  • One time display window of welcome message and logo.
Link to pinaladesai.com
Digital Products & Services Company. Required Wordpress with a html template given for reference. All styling and layout designed from scratch.
Built in Wordpress
Features we built:
  • Blog Ready wordpress template design from scratch
  • Mimicing requirment of demo template 100% coded in wordpress.
  • Subscribe Newsletter built-in
  • Contact Form and Google Maps
  • Latest Blog Posts shown in slider
  • SEO Ready
Link to themusketeers.in
Property listing and ancillary services listing and seach website.
Features include:
  • All types of property types including sell, Rent of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties, PG, Land, Pre leased properties
  • Listing and search of all types of property related services like interior decorator, movers and packers, interior contractor, etc.
  • Mobile app with all listing, search features built.
  • Payment gateway integration in both mobile and website
  • Map based filterable search with dynamic result display on change of map and map radius.
  • Notification and statistics with chat integration
  • Automated mails to matching property buyers and sellers.
Link to www.floorkey.com
Link to Floorkey for android
Link to floorkey for iOS
Online Assessment platform for all types of online entrance and competitive exams.
Categories of exams include: Engineering, Medical, MBA, Bank Exams, UPSC, TET, Law Exams, CA - CPT, Govt. Exams Features include:
  • Inputting questions and creating test by Instructors
  • Admin can create multiple instructors
  • Setting parameters for test, add question and question type and question content
  • Visual and arrangable test question input which can be edited at any time.
  • Students can take test, buy packages, compare scores across test and categories.
Link to testsetter.com
Mumbai Stamp Duty calculator 2015 is an application by “Floorkey” for calculating Market Value, applicable Stamp Duty and Registration Fee for the properties in area under Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai consisting of Mumbai City & Mumbai Suburban District. The calculations are based on Annual Valuation Rates of properties for year 2015, 2014 and 2013 and guidelines for valuation factors of year 2013 published by Inspector General of Registration and Controller of Stamps, Maharashtra State and provisions under The Bombay Stamp Act, 1958.
Link to mumbai stamp duty for android
Link to mumbai stamp duty for iOS
Ace Financial Calculator is a single window calculator for all financial needs.
Calculators included:
  • Bond Value Calculator....Bond Price, Yield to call, Yield to Maturity
  • Compound Interest Calculator
  • Corporate Finance Ratio Calculator...ROCE, more to come soon...
  • Credit Card Payoff Calculator
  • Email Marketing ROI Calculator
  • EMI Calculator
  • Employee Provident Fund Calculator .....Best way to get your current EPF fund
  • Fixed Deposit Calculator
  • Gratuity Calculator
  • NPV, IRR & PI Calculator
  • Pay Per Click ROI Calculator
  • Return On Investment Calculator
  • Tip Calculator
  • Stock Calculator...CAPM, Stock Trade Profit, Time to Double money
  • Recurring Deposit Calculator
  • Time Value of Money Calculator
  • WACC Calculator
  • Website Conversion Rate Calculator
Link to Ace Financial Calculator for android
Link to Ace Financial Calculator for iOS
Loved Playing 2048 mobile games where we swipe to merge multiples of 2 to reach 2048? Then you will go crazy on these variations of 2048.
2048 with bunch of twists in each of these variations. All in one.
Variations included:
  • Original 2048
  • Racing + 2048
  • Tetris + 2048
  • 4D 2048
  • Fibonacci 2048
  • Alphabet 2048

Link to 16 Tiles for android

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